🚀TruePNL Launchpad

Blockchain startups that have already come up with a working product or a solid concept are mostly interested in three things: funding, forming the community, and running promotional campaigns.

Imagine a place where blockchain projects can attract holders, receive investments, or find partners starting from zero. TruePNL proudly announces the launch of the native launchpad platform to make it all come true.

TruePNL introduces a platform to connect hand-picked, groundbreaking blockchain projects and crypto investors, delivering a convenient, transparent, and secure mechanism for raising capital, investing and distributing tokens. The platform allows cryptocurrency projects to raise funds by creating token exchange pools and launching public or private sales rounds using smart contracts on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

The core of the Platform is a system of pools ruled by smart contracts. There are pools of various blockchain projects, with conditions for participation slightly different from one to another. But the main rule remains the same: a pool accumulates assets of users giving access to the allocation of the newly issued tokens.

100% Safe and Robust

The platform follows all security standards, making it 100% robust and safe. We never ask for paying in advance and guarantee that no hidden fees or costs will ever be applied. All the users of the platform confirm their identity with a KYC procedure.

Fair Distribution model

Our team has created TruePNL pools in order to maximally and fairly distribute the allocation between real users and exclude the participation of bots and multi-accounts. Any user has a high chance to get a guaranteed allocation in tokensales of TruePNL Launchpad.

Join now and invest in early-stage tokens today. Tomorrow they might go to the moon!

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