Vested Pool

Vested pool is open for all KYC verified users and requires investing with PNLg points
Vested sales are private presales: TruePNL redeems an allocation of the project’s tokens and allows the community to buy them.
The Vested pool works on a first-come, first-served basis and grants the opportunity of getting an allocation by utilizing PNLg points, earned by the following actions:
  • Staking PNL tokens: by staking, users are able to get substantial amounts of PNLg points
  • Holding PNL token
  • Providing liquidity for $PNL on PancakeSwap or Uniswap liquidity pools
For every Vested Sale, we estimate the amount of PNLg points worth $1 of the allocation. The amount of PNLg varies from sale to sale and depends on the project's popularity, demand, and current market conditions.
Vested Sale can be performed in multiple rounds: Round 1 is held according to the initial calculation; for Round 2 and further, the PNLg equivalent for $1 may be increased, or decreased.
If the value decreases, the users, who invested at the higher rate will be reimbursed the difference in PNLg points.
In the case of an increase in the value, users, who have not invested at the previous rate, need a greater amount of PNLg to buy an allocation. No extra PNLg points will be taken from the users who bought an allocation at a decreased rate in the previous round.
To invest in the Vested pool, a user can calculate the amount of PNLg points by entering the amount of USDT they want to invest in the in-built calculator on the project's page.
For private sales, to the price of the token, established in the project’s documentation, a markup is added. The reason is that Vested Sales are exclusive opportunities to join the projects at the pre-sale stage, and by adding a cover charge TruePNL contributes to the project's development and covers its own expenses for deployment, fundraising, and token distribution.