PNLg Pool
PNLg pool lets an investor get a guaranteed allocation which depends on his contribution to the TruePNL ecosystem.
The pool is built on the basis of the off-chain PNLg point, showing the value of every user’s contributions. The users can participate in PNLg pools if they collect PNLg points by:
  • Staking PNL tokens;
  • Holding PNL tokens;
  • Provides $PNL liquidity on PancakeSwap or Uniswap liquidity pools;
  • Inviting the referrals.
PNLg points can be earned by users if they stake $PNL for a period from 3 to 24 months.
Holders earn 1 PNLg point per day for each $PNL they hold in their wallets.
For each PNL in the liquidity pool for any trading pair, the user receives 2.5 PNLg tokens per day.
Each referral brings the referrer 20% of all the PNLg tokens the referral earned.
Any amount of the accumulated PNLg points can be invested in any PNLg pool for a project which is currently in a Whitelist period.
All users who have invested PNLg tokens in the pool are ranked by the number of PNLg tokens. The number of users receiving an allocation is determined in accordance with the agreement with the particular project.
If the user's share is more than 0,25% of the sum of all PNLg points invested in the pool, the user receives guaranteed allocation equal to his share, but not more than 5%. The remaining allocation will be distributed among the rest of the PNLg points contributors.

This rule is introduced in order to maintain interest from both large and small market players. The participants who have not received an allocation will get their PNLg points back to their accounts.

Participants who haven't reached the minimum share threshold (0.25% for the recent projects) are being excluded from the distribution. Their PNLg deposited are being refunded.
N participants who managed to pass the threshold can take part in the distribution process. All users have An PNLg points deposited to the pool with the sum of all the tokens in the pool indicated as P. The share for each (Sn) user is calculated by the formula Sn = An / P.
There is also the maximum share threshold (5% for the recent project).
All shares of Sn> 5% (the maximum threshold) are taken as 5%. The remaining shares are indicated as Dn, where Dn = Sn–5%. These shares are summed up and the sum is indicated as R. This remainder (R) is distributed among all the participants whose share (Sn) is less than 5%. If a participant has deposited more PNLg and got bigger share than the maximum, the excess PNLg will be burnе, no PNLg will be refunded.
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