PNLg Points

By staking, holding, or providing liquidity for $PNL, users earn PNLg points, which can be used to participate in the allocation pools of their choice.

PNLg point is a tool to receive an allocation in projects hosted on the TruePNL Launchpad platform.

If you already have PNLg points you can spend them in a pool of your choice and participate in allocation.
Any amount of PNLg points can be spent in any PNLg pool for the upcoming sales. The more PNLg points a user has, the bigger the allocation he can be entitled to.
There are several ways to get PNLg points:

PNLg points for Staking

By staking PNL tokens, users can earn a substantial amount of PNLg points almost immediately.
The amount of PNLg points depends on the amount of $PNL a user puts for staking and the timeframe of the staking period.
Users can stake any amount of PNL tokens starting from 1000 $PNL, and lock up the tokens for 3, 6, 12, or 24 months.
After choosing the staking amount and the staking period, users can see the amount of PNLg points they will receive in the in-built calculator on the Staking page.
The PNLg reward will be added to the user's account during the next 10 minutes after PNL tokens are staked.
The PNLg points earned by staking can be immediately used for joining the sales on the TruePNL Launchpad.

PNLg point rewards for holders

For each $PNL a user holds in the wallet, he receives 1 PNLg point per day.
In order to start collecting, you need to follow these easy steps:
The next day you’ll get as many PNLg points as the amount of $PNL tokens in your wallet. You can check your PNLg balance and today’s income in your account.

PNLg rewards for providing liquidity for $PNL

For each $PNL in the liquidity pool for any trading pair, the user receives 2.5 PNLg points per day.
  • Connect your wallet
  • Check the account page to make sure you see your $PNL balance
  • Hit the “Stake $PNL” button
  • You will be redirected to the PancakeSwap or UniSwap webpage where you can provide liquidity for $PNL
The next day you’ll get 2.5 times more PNLg points than the amount of $PNL you put in the liquidity pool the day before. You will receive PNLg points every day, as long as you provide liquidity for $PNL. You can check your PNLg balance and today’s income in your account.

PNLg points for referrers

Each referral brings the referrer 20% of all the PNLg tokens the referral earns.
  • Open your account page
  • Find your referral link
  • Every user who connects the wallet via your referral link will bring you 20% from every PNLg point they collect.
To utilize your earned PNLg points, select a pool on the Launchpad and use any amount of PNLg to get the desired amount of the project’s tokens. The more PNLg you put into the pool, the bigger your guaranteed allocation will be.