TruePNL sales guidelines

There are currently 3 options for getting an allocation on the TruePNL Launchpad: PNLg Pool, Lottery Pool, and Vested pool.

The Key Points

Public sales

For every Public Sale on the TruePNL Launchpad two pools are created: The PNLg Pool and the Lottery Pool. Both pools can be joined by joining the Whitelist, which opens before the actual Public Sale takes place.
Users can join the project's Whitelist by contributing a certain amount of PNLg points. The Lottery pool is available for all KYC verified users.
  • PNLg Pool allows users to participate by spending the PNLg points they've earned by staking, or collected by holding or providing liquidity for $PNL token;
  • To take part in a public sale using PNLg points, a user needs to put a certain amount of PNLg points into the PNLg Pool;
  • Participants will get their guaranteed token allocations, which is calculated according to the proportion of their investment of PNLg points in the Pool;
  • The Lottery Pool is available for all registered and KYC verified users. The Lottery winners selection is based on random;
  • The Whitelist winners list is usually calculated and announced 24 hours prior to the launch date;
  • On the day of launch, the Whitelisted users have limited time to obtain their guaranteed allocations in the “My portfolio” section of the Launchpad.
FCFS Rounds in Public Sales
  • If any allocation is left after the sale for Whitelisted users, FCFS (First Come First Served) round opens;
  • To join the FCFS round, a user needs to be KYC verified and eligible to join the sale;
  • Only a fixed amount of allocation is available in the FCFS Round, and users can purchase the exact amount of tokens, no more and no less;
  • The conditions of each FCFS round vary and are subject to change.

Vested Sales

For Vested Sales, only the Vested pool is available. Users don't need to join the Whitelist to buy the tokens from the Vested Pool.
  • The Vested Pool is available for entrance for users, who owns a sufficient amount of PNLg points earned by staking, holding, or providing liquidity for $PNL in the PancakeSwap or UniSwap liquidity pools;
  • Vested sales are FCFS (First Come First Serve) based, every eligible user can take part in the Vested Sale and get an amount of allocation between the minimum and maximum, established for a particular sale;
  • To join the Vested Sale of the project, a user needs to spend the amount of PNLg points, according to the amount of allocation they wish to get;
  • For every Vested Sale, a certain value of PNLg points per $1 of allocation is determined. Users can find the rules of participation in the Sale guide or calculate the amount of PNLg points they need to spend on the project's page on the TruePNL Launchpad.
There is a minimum and maximum investment established for every Public or Vested sale, the information for each project is available in the project’s card on the TruePNL Launchpad.

Token claiming and vesting

  • After the sale is concluded, and all the investors' data is checked and verified, token claiming is organized;
  • The claiming usually becomes available as soon as the token in question is listed on an exchange, or in the timeframe specified by the TGE project;
  • Token claiming can take place either on the side of the project or on the TruePNL dashboard;
  • A particular method of claiming is announced beforehand in both official TruePNL and project's social channels;
  • In case a vesting scheme is applied, users are able to claim their tokens in accordance with the vesting schedule;
  • The vesting conditions for the Public and Vested sale of the project may be different. The Vested sale usually follows the vesting scheme of the project's private round. Thus, if the user invests in both Vested and Public sales, the token unlock will follow each round's token release schedule.
NOTE: For all users, a KYC verification is required to join any sale on the TruePNL Launchpad.