Token utility

$PNL is designed as a native token of the TruePNL platform.

Utility benefits


Payment unit

$PNL can be used as means of payment in the collateral commission pool and allow users to receive significant discounts. All paid tokens are being burned.
PNL can also be used to participate in Public Sales on TruePNL Launchpad.


Features of Staking of $PNL tokens:
  • APY rewards in PNL tokens
  • Fee reduction for using the TruePNL products. TruePNL prime subscription (free access to the basic products).
  • Lending and farming of $PNL tokens with the opportunity to redeem the staked funds at any moment – coming soon.


The TruePNL protocol is going to be built on Web 3.0 utilizing the Polkadot substrate.
$PNL token is planned to be used in:
  • Fee reduction for DeFi products utilizing the TruePNL protocol
  • Liquidity staking in DeFi products