Pools introduction

We’ve analyzed today’s practices of IDOs and Launchpad Launches and found weak points, which negatively affect all participants and projects:
  • Complicated conditions for obtaining the allocation. Investors are disappointed if they don’t get allocation while doing lots of tasks and investing money into launchpad tokens.
  • Sniper bots. Without a competent protection mechanism, tokens are instantly sold out by bots, so the real investors are forced to buy tokens at inflated prices. Only people behind the bots benefit from this, but they quickly withdraw the funds from the market as they are not interested in the further support of the project.
  • Centralization of token distribution. A public sale hosted on a centralized platform such as an IEO lacks transparency since only organizers control the allocation process, and actual lists of participants are never being verified on the blockchain.
  • Whales are allowed to obtain the biggest piece of the pie in the Public sale. This way the whales take the allocation of ordinary investors, which leads to large volumes being accumulated in the hands of the few who then manipulate the market price.
To solve these issues, we have created The TruePNL Pools.
Pools are blockchain smart contracts that guarantee the investors transparent and secure project token allocation.
An allocation is an opportunity to buy project tokens at a fixed price in a certain amount. Allocation is usually tied to a specific address of the blockchain network - Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain/Polkadot/etc.
The conditions for obtaining the tokens, the price, and other technical aspects differ from project to project, but there are three general types of pools on the TruePNL platform:
For each type of pool, we’ve built a simple and fair token distribution mechanism, working for both Public and Vested sales.